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Stargate Quantum Jumping

Supporting Spiritual Adepts Worldwide

  • Transform your spiritual journey
  • Get the most out of your practice
  • Join an inspiring and supportive community of spiritual adepts
  • Awaken new potential as you reach for greater heights
  • Collaborate and explore new ways to serve the greater good
  • Power up quantum style
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Stargate Monthly Group Healing

This is a 7 days a week distant healing service. Each session is done remotely usually in the early (Pacific Time Zone) hours. You don’t need to do anything nor be awake. Your complete energetic body which governs your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing is being worked on daily in the following ways:

  • Health Analysis
  • Pathogen Removal (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and protozoa)
  • Addressing Disease and Collateral Damage
  • Bolstering Immune Strength and Response
  • DNA Repair
  • Addressing Individual Intentions
  • Uprooting Limiting Beliefs and Patterns
  • Healing Deep Traumas and Suppressions
  • Pattern for Healthy Thriving Relationship with Money, Prosperity and Abundance 
  • Expanding Self-Love, Compassion and Wisdom
  • Increasing Inner Vision, Knowing, Intuition and Awareness
  • Upleveling Vibration
  • Expanding the Earthly Source Being Adventure
  • Stargate Tours (see below) on Friday at 8:00am PDT | 11:00am EDT 

Stargate Quantum Jumping

Explore | Empower | Engage

Have you done the work and are ready for a true soul expanding adventure? Join Sue for Stargate Tours, a process best described as (group) quantum jumping and weaving. Voyage through a Stargate and discover the incredible gift of dimension jumping. Weekly Stargate Tours take place Fridays at 8:00am PDT on Zoom. 

Each Stargate Tour has a unique theme to explore. You will access and embody guidance, wisdom and a soul aspect (similar to a shamanic soul retrieval) and more.

The first stage of the jump will be for you to connect with and gather personal guidance and strategies for a personal project, challenge or mission.

The second stage is to access wisdom and strategies for addressing collective issues. Stargate Monthly Healing subscribers are invited to join as part of their monthly subscription. 

  • Non-Stargate Monthly Healing subscribers can join for $33/session  
  • When: Fridays at 8:00am PST | 11:00am EST | 3:00pm GMT
  • Via Zoom…links emailed.  
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Stargate Online Community

Connection | Innovation | Collaboration

Looking for a Spiritually Adventurous Community?
Look no further! Join the Stargate online community to meet and collaborate with fellow spiritually curious and evolved empaths and way showers. 

This community is a warm gathering place and safe haven for those who know they’ve come to meaningfully impact the world.

Is it right for you? It is if you:

  • Take total responsibility for your life
  • Know you’re here to make a difference AND are needed on Earth at this time
  • Love guides you
  • Attuned to higher powers and the spiritual realms

Monthly Rates:

  • Free to Stargate Monthly Healing Participants
  • $33 | Month for Non-Members
  • $333 | Annual Subscription ($63 savings)

Why Settle Ever?

Book a session or join the Stargate Monthly Healing Community today. Feeling stuck, anxious, or uninspired is common when people are out of alignment with their soul purpose. Change can happen right now…you’re just one click away!

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