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A mastermind course for soulpreneurs called to serve the Great Mother - Starting May 5th



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Life is too short to only dream of making a difference

Determined to make a difference but not sure how?

  • Committed to building a world founded upon respect, harmony and cooperation?

  • Concerned about global warming or humanitarian issues?
  • Troubled by the news and governments lack of coordinated, strategic solutions?
  • Determined to create a sustainable way of living?

  • Feeling an urgent call to serve the Great Mother or Mother Earth?
  • Longing for a community of purpose driven and determined soulpreneurs?

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Set for Life

A Six Month Mastermind Program

When You're the Real Deal

Get the training to create personal and global solutions


Ideate, develop and build a venture to address a global or humanitarian issue. Advanced protocol training to help you innovate, create a viable solution, build it and impact lives.


May 5 - November 2, 2024 - Classes meet every other Saturday in Santa Monica and online


Shamanic, Wise Woman Way and Akashic training and initiation to clarify purpose driven mission and align fully with your soul purpose now.


Directly access avant-garde and futuristic solutions to modern day challenges. Develop your ability to obtain strategies, innovation and solutions to problems you are seeking now and going forward.


Create the venture blueprint, branding, marketing and sales strategy. Plan to launch your brand concept at or before completion of Set for Life course. Impact lives.

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Join Set for Life. Step forward as a Soulpreneur.

4 questions to help you decide what kind of year 2024 will be?

Get a pulse on your passion project
Get a pulse on your passion project
Get a pulse on your passion project
Get a pulse on your passion project

What's weighing on your heart?

  • Do you want to address global warming or Earth related problems?
  • Do humanitarian issues occupy your thoughts?
  • Does creating a heart centered and cooperative society speak to you?
  • Do you feel called to address anxiety, hopelessness, loneliness or bridging the divide?
  • Do you long to connect deeply with the Earth to identify nature-based solutions?

How urgent is the matter?

  • The Earth or humanitarian issue I'm feeling might be my purpose driven venture is urgent. There is no time to waste.
  • I'm not quite sure what I'm meant to do, but I feel my life experiences have prepared me to address these challenges. It feels urgent and as though I have time.
  • Open to whatever the Great Mother would like me to address. I'm open. 

How ready are you in 2024?

  • You're ready to create a side hustle you plan to grow while maintaining your current occupation?
  • Your purpose driven mission feels like a collaborative venture, possibly identifying a partner from the SFL program?
  • You're pretty sure your meant to develop this venture as a soulpreneur and trust that others will present in time?

If not now, when?

  • You know all hands on deck are needed to address global warming issues
  • The current political environment feels like we are being pulled back into darker times
  • Political, religious, sexual, health and idealogical freedoms need better protection
  • Society has lost its humanity, kindness and connection
  • You know you're meant to introduce future innovations to solve today's challenges 

You're ready to lead by creating solutions.

You've done the work. You feel the call to serve the Great Mother and greater good. It's time for you to identify and build your purpose driven mission.

Imagine yourself immersed in a program that teaches you how to access the guidance you need to identify and clarify your passion project. These powerful protocols will guide you through the process of creating the project blueprint in order to bring about meaningful change. 

Join fellow soulpreneurs for a truly immersive and powerfully transformative mastermind program to support you as you create the Beauty Way, a truly sustainable and cooperative way of living.

What you can expect upon completing Set for Life:

  • A purpose driven mission that positively impacts and improves lives
  • The blueprint, branding and marketing for your side hustle or business venture
  • To align with and serve the Great Mother or Mother Earth 
  • An accountability partner
  • Community, collaboration and connection with fellow soulpreneurs
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Be an Innovation and Impact Leader. Explore real life problems. Find real solutions. 

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