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Biomat is an Effective Self-Care Tool for Modern Life.

The Biomat brings the benefits of far infrared energy and negative ion therapy into our homes and wellness offices. With the Biomat, we can use the healing effects of far-infrared energy and negative ions at will and as needed. No other self-care tool provides the natural quality of Biomat.

Far infrared energy and negative ions can protect and heal our bodies, and lengthen our lives. Far infrared energy is an invisible light that produces radiant heat. It is what we experience when we feel the deep penetrating warmth of the sun’s rays or when we spread our on a big rock warmed by the sun. Negative ions are often considered the vitamins of the air and are inhaled during exposure to natural environments and moving water.

The evolution of the human body has always included far infrared energy. Many scientists consider it a breakdown in our modern lifestyle that we are not receiving similar levels of exposure to far-infrared and negative ions that we have enjoyed over the expanse of human history. Additionally, our modern lifestyles even increase our exposure to health degrading positive ions as they are produced in our synthetic and highly electrical environments.

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Medicinal Foods

Founder, CEO Sky Kubby takes you on a journey from Illness to wellness to discover how he got his superpowers of Invincible Immunity and Everlasting Energy.

Born at a children’s summer camp near Mt. Shasta, he overcame Asthma and chronic illness to launch the Medicinal Foods Brand on the Big Island of Hawaii. Drawing on indigenous wisdom of natures apothecary, Sky highlights top product benefits and demonstrates the power of the body's innate intelligence, to Feed Your Potential “The Ancient-Future of Food!”

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