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What Is Light Language?

Light Language is a powerful tool that helps us to connect with our higher selves and our true soul purpose. 

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The Mayan Art of Manifestation through Color, Light and Sacred Geometry

Light Language is a form of communication that uses sacred geometry and colored light to encode meaning. It is based on the idea that light is a living energy that can be used to create, communicate, and heal.

Light Language is a type of written communication that uses light instead of words to convey meaning. It is a nonverbal form of communication. For centuries, curanderos of the Mayan and Aztec cultures have used Light Language to communicate with the spirit world and to create and manifest with clear intention.

Step One

12 Chakra Personal Grid

12 Chakra Grids jump start Soul Purpose Alignment.

12 Chakra Personal grids create a blueprint for optimal health, happiness and power. Each chakra is assigned a specific sacred geometry to create higher resonance, energetic flow and coherence.

These grids facilitate the connection between the higher and lower selves. This process organically brings forth clarity, higher perspective and more visionary seeing. 12 Chakra Grids inspire deeper soul connection, true self-love and inner comfort.

The 12 Chakra Grids improve the chakras’ ability to express light and higher frequencies, while improving receptivity of information. Light language grids improve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic health, power and well being.

Light Language 12 Chakra Personal Grid are one of the most powerful ways to calibrate and synchronize all four systems in our body: chakras, meridians (energy pathways) brain/heart/gut brains and auric fields. This process helps identify which sacred geometry best inspires change for you so that it can be brought into being with ease.

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Step Two

Light Language 49 Shape Grid for Soul Purpose Alignment

A Soul Purpose Deep Dive | Getting You on Track

The 49 shape light language grid is a manifesting powerhouse. The grid connects and aligns you and your intentions to Universal or God consciousness. It creates an unparalleled bio-resonance that facilitates the co-creation of your declared intentions. When used for discovering and aligning with your soul purpose, the grid facilitates internal alignment with soul agreements and the ‘big picture.’

This process activates the blueprint encoded in your DNA (hereditary), cells and energetic (etheric) bodies which creates an accelerated bio-resonance on all levels.

The 49 grid sets in motion the processes, circumstances and events required for you to move through and beyond obstacles and limitations. Clarity arises organically. You tend to become more aware of limiting patterns, beliefs and internal dialogue. Life will set you up to reconcile the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects preventing you from moving forward.

The 49-shaped Light Language grid is like a prayer that goes out to the Universe. It has powerful forces of sacred geometry, which attract supportive energies and help you manifest what your soul has deemed most important in your life!

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Step Three

Advanced Light Language | 12 x 12 Grid

If the process to fully align with your Soul Purpose is compromised, stagnating or feels difficult, it might be time to book an Advanced Light Language grid.

Advanced Light Language grids (12 x 12) catalyze powerful change on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and psychic levels.

The Advanced Light Language grids are excellent tools for releasing limiting beliefs, patterns, personal laws and the energetic imprints creating self-doubt and energetic blocks preventing you from moving forward fully in pursuit of your Soul Purpose.

The Advanced Light Language grids are highly effective for deep healing, detoxification and at getting at root causes of diseases, ancestral patterns, deep trauma and major blocks.

The colors and shapes work at a DNA level to rewrite your blueprint while activating twelve-strands allowing access into higher consciousnesses.

Highly recommended for chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions, childhood trauma and abuse, desire for long lasting growth, financial limitations, self-esteem issues and a strong desire to break free from limitations.

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