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Protocols for Highly Intuitive People


Work One-on-One With Sue

Step One

Personal Deep Dive Intuitive Reading

What Your Soul Needs You to Know Now

 Enjoy a personal deep dive psychic reading that reveals what your soul needs you to know now. Whether you've decided to discover your true calling in life or just need some answers. These readings connect you with your higher self and can give you the clarity you need to move forward with confidence, trusting in your gifts.

30 Minute Session
60 Minute Session

Step Two

12 Chakra Personal Grid

A 12 Chakra Grid catalyzes your Inner Power Alignment.

12 Chakra Personal grids create a blueprint for optimal health, happiness and power. Each chakra is assigned a specific sacred geometry to create higher resonance, energetic flow and coherence

These grids facilitate the connection between the higher and lower selves. This process organically brings forth clarity, higher perspective and more visionary seeing. 12 Chakra Grids inspire deeper soul connection, true self-love and inner comfort.

60 Minute Session

Step Three

Light Language 49 Shape Grid for Soul Purpose Alignment

The 49 shape light language grid is a manifesting powerhouse. The grid connects and aligns you and your intentions to Universal or God consciousness. It creates an unparalleled bio-resonance that facilitates the co-creation of your declared intentions. When used for discovering and aligning with your soul purpose, the grid facilitates internal alignment with your soul purpose.

Book 49 Grid

Step Four

Stargate Monthly Healing

Become Part of the Community

For only $111 per month, you’ll: 

  • Experience transformative distant healing - 3 times/week cultivating optimal health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Address existing conditions on an energetic plane to restore vibrant and thriving health
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and patterns in order to break free from imposing limitations
  • Uplevel your gifts, skills and techniques
  • Increase your vibration to invite in greater joy, connection, creativity, clarity, abundance, magic, miracles and grace
  • Live a more authentic, purposeful life
  • Through Stargate Quantum Jumping Fridays at 8:00am PDT, open the door to new power, innovation, inspiration, possibilities, community and reality. What’s Quantum Jumping You ask? See below (Maybe a link to the paragraph below the subscribe button?
  • Join a connected, compassionate, supportive and inspiring community


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