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Divine Intervention

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Divine Intervention

A revolutionary technique that has the power to transform lives and create miracles.
  • Imagine feeling better than you ever have before
  • Imagine finally being free from your chronic pain, worry, doubt, shame, and anger
  • Imagine living your life with purpose and alignment, finally being who you were meant to be
  • Imagine identifying and uprooting the core issue of the disease

With Divine Intervention, we are graced with a cosmic opportunity to alter our physical and energetic state.

Session Preparations

- Each session runs 60 minutes.

- Sessions can be done in person or via Zoom. - If you’re in the LA area, I recommend an in-person session.

- Prior to the session, please identify your top priority.

- First time clients need to complete and submit my new client form (link here)

***If you are currently being treated for a specific disease or condition, please email me [email protected] any background or pertinent information from your doctors you think is important.***

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