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12 Chakra Personal Grid

A Healing Protocol and Private Session to Help You Move Beyond Limiting Behaviors and Unlock the Power of Your Life Purpose

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Price includes Session & Grid Activation

  • Jumpstart your purpose driven career
  • Start identifying your soul brand
  • Find your personal blueprint to radiant power and health
  • Truly power up your 12 primary chakras
  •  Start living with joy and meaning
  •  Finally figure out what you're meant to do with your life
  •  Feel a sense of peace and understanding knowing why you're here

Tired of needing a purpose driven career, but don't know where to start? Look no further...


Activating a 12 Chakra Personal Grid is your first power step toward identifying your soul purpose and soul brand. This grid harnesses the power and potency of light language into your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Sessions combine a psychic soul brand introductory reading and 12 chakra assessment, culminating in the strategic placement of a colored sacred geometry in each of the main chakras.

Your 12 chakras will be calibrated and vibrationally accelerated to create individual power and collective synchronicity and alignment.

Once the 12 Chakra Grid is activated, you’ll notice:

  • A change in how you approach life’s situations and challenges
  • Greater ease with conflict resolution
  • Expanded clarity and vision
  • Your Soul Purpose and Soul Brand coming more clearly in focus
  • Opportunities flowing to you
  • Increasing synchronicity and serendipity
  • Greater trust and confidence
Once You have a 12 Chakra Personal Grid... What's Next?

A Soul Purpose Alignment 49 Shape Grid

  • Clarify your life's purpose and find your true north
  • Experience more synchronicity and flow in your life
  • Align with the energies of the universe to bring your dreams into reality

What's a 49 Shape Grid?

49 Shape High Magic grid focuses the power and intention of Light Language to energetically align you with your soul purpose. This grid catalyzes and makes manifest your clear intentions.

If you’re feeling called to take your career and spiritual practice to the next level, this grid is for you!

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